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Three of Mr. Hassing's appellate cases have been certified for publication.

    In Jara v. Suprema Meats, Inc. (2004) 121 Cal.App.4th 1238, Hassing convinced California's First District Court of Appeal to overturn an Oakland County Superior Court decision which determined that Hassing's corporate client was obligated to actually send records to a shareholder rather than just allow the shareholder to come to the company's office during regular business hours to review them.

    In City of Merced v. American Motorists Ins. Co. (2005) 126 Cal.App.4th 1316, Hassing successfully defended a bonding company's appeal of a Fresno County Superior Court Judgment earlier obtained by him in favor of his client, City of Merced.

    In Hacienda Ranch Homes, Inc. v. Superior Court (2011) 198 CalApp.4th 1122, Hassing obtained a writ from the Third District Court of Appeal mandating that the San Joaquin Superior Court vacate its denial of a Summary Judgment Motion filed by him the previous year and instead, to grant the motion, ending the case. The case involved an attempt by one of Hacienda's co-tenants to obtain title through adverse possession to Hacienda's undivided interest in a parcel of land. The case turned on the question of whether or not the actions of the plaintiff constituted the "ouster" necessary to obtain title to a co-tenant's interest through adverse possession.

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